23 July 2021,   23:15
I asked the Minister of Health to make public all the correspondence, but the Ministry is hiding this information - Ana Natsvlishvili

Today, when we are fighting the invisible enemy, the main weapon – vaccine, unfortunately, is not in the hands of Georgian citizens. Such a statement made today Ana Natsvlishvili, a member of the Lelo faction.

“People face other problems besides health problems due to the lack of opportunity to be vaccinated. Among them are people who need treatment abroad, or students who want to go abroad for summer work, are not given the opportunity to do so precisely because they are not vaccinated.

Where is the vaccine? People, who were registered and arrived for vaccination, were sent back and they could not receive a specific answer as to when the vaccination would be possible. Only 2% of citizens are currently vaccinated. Is this a successful vaccination?

I used my constitutional authority and addressed the Minister of Health with a request to make public all the correspondence that the Government has produced so far to get the vaccine. This information is public, but the Ministry of Health is hiding it”, - said Ana Natsvlishvili.