01 August 2021,   15:35
Giorgi Gakharia opened a regional office in Batumi

Giorgi Gakharia, leader of the Party for Georgia, opened a regional office in Batumi.

According to the former prime – minister, he will nominate specific candidates for the local self-government elections in the near future.

“A lot has been done and I have participated in it. A lot has not been done, this is a responsibility, which is why we say we need to do it faster, more efficiently and more conscientiously. That’s why we stand here. This is the responsibility we owe to our citizens. They are wrong if they think they will make me insecure by asking me why I did not do certain things when I was in power. What we could not do is our main motivation and responsibility to do all this much better, much faster and more efficiently”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.