23 June 2021,   00:24
I would like to give special thanks to Zygimantas Pavilionis - Nika Melia

The Chairman of the United National Movement thanked international partners and ambassadors for their contribution to his release.

“I would like to thank EU Ambassador for the efforts and diligence in this process. I thank Carl Hartzell as a diplomat and as a person. This has its reasons why I emphasize his professionalism as well. Naturally, thanks goes to President Michel for his contribution to this important process. I thank the Ambassador of the U.S.

However, I want to give special thanks to Žygimantas Pavilionis, the Chairman of the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Committee, that is the person who has awakened the international community without exaggeration. If not Mr. Pavilionis, I do not think this result will be as it is, I mean international responses”, - said Nika Melia.