02 October 2022,   07:47
Court rules imprisonment for Lasha Nakaidze, the host of Mtavari Arkhi

Lasha Nakaidze, the former host of Mtavari Arkhi, who is accused of rape, violence and threats to kill, was sentenced to prison as a measure of restraint.

The session was closed. The Prosecutor filed a motion to imprison Nakaidze as a preventive measure. The defense side requested a bail.

As the Prosecutor said, the accused does not admit the crime.

On August 15, Lasha Nakaidze threatened to kill A.P. by demonstrating a knife and a sound pistol on the grounds of gender intolerance, and physically assaulted her by hitting different parts of her body and using a stinging object. After this, the accused sexually assaulted the victim with violence and threats of violence.