27 September 2023,   12:43
Why Russian citizen Oguz Insa was not allowed to enter Georgia - the MIA releases a statement

Due to the high public interest, the Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to inform the public regarding the citizen of the Russian Federation - Oguz Insa.

“On June 12, 2022, OGUZ INSA, a citizen of the Russian Federation, entered the neutral zone of the Georgian state border from the border crossing point of the Russian Federation, with a stamp made by the Russian Federation in her passport. The mentioned individual was denied the entry to Georgia under Article 11 of the “Law of Georgia on the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons”, as she provided false and inconsistent information regarding the purpose of her visit, on which a relevant legal document was filled and handed over to her in accordance with the existing legislation.

The next day, on June 13, the mentioned citizen showed up again at the “Dariali” border crossing point and demanded international protection.

According to her, she is accused of collaborating with a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation and has been placed under house arrest before the case trial.

According to Oguz Insa, she violated the rules of house arrest, removed the so-called “Bracelet” and was planning to cross Georgian state border after undergoing passport control procedures.

It is notable that from open media sources it is clearly evident that the mentioned person is indeed accused of a serious international crime, such as cooperation with a terrorist organization.

According to the legislation of Georgia, the issue of entry of a foreign citizen on the territory of Georgia must be in line with the relevant border crossing requirements. In case if a person does not meet the criterias established by the legislation of Georgia and his/her presence in Georgia endangers the state security and / or public order of the country or if the person is being prosecuted for international crimes such as terrorism, drug smuggling, human trafficking - such person may be refused entry into Georgia taking into consideration the interests of the State.

Article 33, paragraph II of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the Law of Georgia on International Protection, which is in full compliance with the Convention regulations, empower the State with the right to restrict the entry to the foreign citizen into a country when it comes to national security”, - reads the statement.