26 January 2021,   10:45
In 3 unknown cases, Lugar Lab identified the countries where virus contraction occurred - Paata Imnadze

Lugar laboratory through genetic lines identified the countries where three patients infected with COVID-19. Such a statement made today the Deputy Head of the Georgian National Disease Control Centre.

According to Paata Imnadze, those patients did not know the exact source of the infection.

“Lugar Lab can use genetic sequences to identify where an individual was infected. In three cases we did not know the exact source of the virus and we identified this. The individuals had contacts with people of different nationalities. Several countries have not provided genetic materials and it is impossible to track the virus in all situations. The technology was unavailable several years ago. The approach looks for genetic changes in the virus and helps scientists answer questions where and how the virus is spreading”, - explained Paata Imnadze.

Georgia has confirmed three new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) bringing the total number of infected to 73.