23 June 2021,   01:19
Patrol police will be involved in quarantine and self-isolated persons monitoring - Amiran Gamkrelidze

According to Amiran Gamkrelidze, the director of the National Center for Disease Control, patrol police officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be involved in monitoring quarantine and self-isolation persons.

As Gamkrelidze said, 178 people are currently in quarantine, and since February, 21, 1 108 people have been offered self-isolation.

“As of today’s 3 p.m. data, we had a total of 466 possible cases of coronavirus in Georgia that required appropriate laboratory research. All of these cases are tested and 15 of them have been confirmed. Two of these 15 cases are related to travel to Iran, 1 to Spain, 7 to Italy, 5 to confirmed contact. Right now at the Lugar Lab there are 23 samples - 17 from central infectious hospital and the rest from various medical facilities. There are currently 178 people in quarantine. 1 108 returnees from various high-risk countries have been offered self-isolation since February 21”, - said Amiran Gamkrelidze.