23 June 2021,   00:04
GEL 42 000 from cyber fraud - details of a large scale crime

Police detained four persons in Batumi for cybercrime. The defendants illegally accessed online bank and gambling accounts by misusing the personal data of 13 different citizens, after which they managed to obtain a total of GEL 42 000 through this system.

Law enforcers detained two persons –E.V. (1989) and D.Tch. (1989) on the basis of the respective Court decision.

The investigation reestablished that detainees fraudulently obtained the personal data and bank card numbers of two citizens, and took bank loans on their names. Later on, detainees transferred the obtained funds to other accounts and illegally seized the money.

The amount of money illegally obtained by the detainees amounted to 20,000 GEL.

The officers of Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also arrested two persons – G.B. (1999) on the basis of the court decision and R.K. (1996) as a result of the operative-search and investigative activities for theft and illegal access to computer systems.

At this stage of investigation it was ascertained that, beginning from December 4, till January 21, 2020 one of the detainees- R.K. transacted money to online gambling accounts from the credit cards registered by the 11 customers on their online totalizator accounts. The stolen money was then transacted to the accounts provided by G.B and later cashed by means of the ATM machines.

Detainees appropriated 22 000 GEL in total as a result of the criminal scheme.

As a result of the search activities held in R.K.’s house law enforcers detected up to 1000 usernames and passwords of online totalizator customers and seized other personal data as evidence.

Intensive investigation is being carried out to locate and identify other possible victims of the committed crime.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal usage of personal data, theft, swindle and illegal access to computer systems, article 284, II part, sub-paragraph “D” article 177, II part, sub-paragraph “A”, article 180, II part, sub-paragraph “A” and “B” and part III, sub-paragraph “B” and article 157, III part, sub-paragraph A envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia.