21 January 2021,   02:28
Coronavirus in Georgia – current situation and prevention

According to the latest information, in Georgia 120 persons are in quarantine. No new cases of coronavirus was confirmed in the country.

As a result of interagency group’s recommendations, due to coronavirus, the educational process in public schools, kindergartens and high schools has been suspended. Besides, disinfection process ongoing in the kindergartens, schools and underpasses of Tbilisi.

Georgia confirmed its first coronavirus case on February 26. A man, about 50, Georgian citizen, who tested positive on the virus, returned to the country from Iran via Azerbaijan on February 25. The patient’s health condition is satisfactory.

The Government created interagency group for tackling coronavirus challenge led by the Prime Minister. The group decided to restrict land-travel of Iranian citizens to Georgia and Georgian nationals to Iran for two weeks. The Georgian authorities have cut flights to and from Iran since February 23. On January 29, Georgian government took the same measure regarding the flights with China.

Child in Iashvili Children’s Hospital test negative for coronavirus 

Child in Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital test negative for coronavirus. As the head of the Hospital Ivane Chkhaidze, said, the child has type “A” flu. The patient continues treatment.
As for the idea that the infection among children is relatively uncommon, Chkhaidze said this assessment relies on the current statistics.

8 patients test negative for coronavirus in Tbilisi infectious hospital

Tbilisi infectious disease hospital has received test results of 8 patients from the Lugar Laboratory, none of them tested positive for the novel virus.
“As eight patients tested negative for the novel virus, they will be placed under quarantine. As for the other eight patients, their test results will be revealed later on today”, - said the representative of hospital.

Due to coronavirus, the educational process in public schools, kindergartens and high schools has been suspended

Due to coronavirus, the educational process in public schools, kindergartens and high schools has been suspended. According to the Tbilisi Kindergarten Management Agency, due to the current situation, the kindergartens in Tbilisi will be closed from March 2 to March 16.
Besides, in order to have enough time to disinfect all schools, planned school holidays in Georgia will also begin on March 2 instead of March 9 and continue until March 16.
The educational process is also suspended in the universities.

Disinfection process ongoing in the underpasses of Tbilisi

Disinfection process ongoing in the underpasses of Tbilisi, as a part of the prevention of coronavirus.
The works was carried out in 54 underground passages. Disinfection works will continue.
The Tbilisi Minibus Company is launching additional security measures under the instruction of the Tbilisi City Hal in connection with the new coronavirus. The company made the decision to take additional measures to protect safety and begin disinfection of the company vehicles.

Two companies want to start production of face masks in Georgia

Two companies have expressed their desire to produce medical face masks in Georgia. According to the Ministry of Health, the mentioned companies have already received the approval from the Ministry on the production of the face masks.

Georgia is starting production of face masks because of the shortage of face masks caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Quarantine zone set up at Gori Military Hospital

A quarantine zone has been set up at the Gori Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense as part of the new coronavirus prevention measures.

The patients in the medical facility were distributed to various clinics and a quarantine center has been set up at the Gori Military Hospital, which is ready to receive patients in case of need.

If needed, the military hospital will receive and treat 180 patients.

Archil Talakvadze - Georgia is one of the best in the fight against coronavirus across Europe

“I would like to thank the Government of Georgia, the Minister of Health, Disease Control center, doctors, nurses and epidemiologists. In particular, I would like to thank our citizens. I am confident that we will be able to fight this infection, as Georgia in this case is one of the best in Europe at the moment. This is not just our opinion. If you compare the measures taken in Georgia and other countries and their chronology, Georgia was one of the first to take effective measures. Parliament also joins effective control measures. We already have special dispensers, disinfectants installed at the entrances, etc.”, - said the Speaker of the Parliament.

Coronavirus statistics worldwide

The death toll of the coronavirus outbreak has surpassed 3 000, with more than 89 000 people infected. China has seen a drop-off in its rate of new cases, but the virus seems to be gaining momentum in other parts of the globe. Globally, the number of death from the novel virus has risen to 3 044. However, 45 064 people have recovered from the coronavirus.