30 May 2023,   22:14
Special operation across the country - 58 people detained on charges of drug crime, including 31 drug dealer

The employees of the Central Criminal Police, Tbilisi Police, Patrol Police, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Police, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Police as well as Kakheti Police and Adjara Police Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of operational measures and investigative actions conducted at different times, detained 58 people on charges of drug crime, including 31 drug dealers.

The following persons were detained for illegal drug sale and attempted selling of drug substances: L.S. (DoB 2003), D.A. (DoB in 1997), L.M. (DoB 1994), B.A. (DoB 1997), D.K. (DoB 1993), D.G. (DoB 2000), E.N. (DoB 1964), V.L. (DoB 1975), L.C. (DoB 1999), D.A. (DoB 2000), B.C. (DoB 2000) V. E (DoB1997), A. K. (DoB 1997), M. O. (DoB 1996), P. B. (DoB 1997), M.S. (DoB 1989). G. A. (DoB1983), H.O. (DoB 1994), N.A (DoB 1985), R.U (DoB 1982), S.S (DoB 1993), A.M (DoB1988), Z.E. (DoB1975), I.B. (DoB 1971), D.K. (DoB 1964), Z.Ch. (DoB1970), Z.I. (DoB 1986), N.G. (DoB 1974), E.A. (DoB 1985), G.B. (DoB 1973), J.J. (DoB1996).

The following persons were detained for illegal purchase, storage and selling drugs in especially large quantities, for illegal planting, growing, cultivation of plants containing drug in especially large quantities and smuggling of drugs on the territory of Georgia: Kh.G. (DoB 1981), G.Ch. (DoB 1987), G.B. (DoB 1977), E.M. (DoB 1978), A.M. (DoB 1999), A.K. (DoB 1997), T.M (DoB 2000), G.Kh (DoB 1998), O.A. (DoB 1997), Z.A (DoB 1964), T.A. (DoB 1956), Kh.G. (DoB 1995), N.V (DoB 1967), Kh.M. (DoB 1993), A.C. (DoB 1998), T.Ts. (DoB1997), I.Ch. (DoB1991), A.A (DoB 1984), T.A (DoB 1962), E.K. (DoB 1971), K.Sh (DoB 1970), S.U (DoB1997), M.A. (DoB 1981), I.D. (DoB 1984), A.Z. (DoB 2002) and Sh.M. (DoB 1968).

The committed crimes envision up to 20 years or life imprisonment.

The investigation established that the persons arrested for selling and the attempted selling of drugs were involved in narcotic drug selling schemes, in particular, they placed narcotic drugs in specific locations for further sale, took photos, which were then sent to persons interested in purchasing drug products with appropriate designations and coordinates through various internet applications and social media networks.

On the basis of the judge’s ruling, the law enforcement officers conducted control purchases of drugs from persons arrested for illegal selling of drugs several times and made secret audio-video recording of the mentioned process.

From the locations indicated by detainees and as a result of their personal search, search activities held in their vehicles, houses and temporary residential apartments, police seized as evidence a large and especially large amount of various types of narcotics, such as - Heroin, Cocaine, Methadone, Buprenorphine, Mdma, Alpha-PVP, Mephedrone, Pregabalin, the so-called Synthetic drugs, methamphetamine, fentanyl, tramadol, psilocin, marijuana and the narcotic plant - hemp.

Law enforcers also seized cash allegedly obtained from drug sales, as well as small scales and duct tape.

Investigation into the facts of illegal purchase and storage of narcotic drugs and illegal import into Georgia, illegal purchase and storage of psychotropic substances and illegal import into Georgia, attempted selling and selling of narcotics, illegal sowing-growing-cultivation of a plant containing narcotic drug are in progress under articles 260, 262, 261, 263, 265, 19-260, 273(1) 19-273(1) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.