06 December 2022,   08:19
Education and Science committee accomplishes the verbal hearings on school resources

The Thematic Inquiry Group of the Committee on “Practice of Use of School Educational Resources in Provision of Effective Teaching-Learning Process”, headed by the First Deputy Chair of the Committee, Tamar Taliashvili held the last verbal hearing; the Group heard the representatives of the Education Ministry reporting on the problems, challenges and the solutions in the educational sphere.

According to the Chair of the Committee, Giorgi Amilakhvari, the conclusion of the inquiry will provide recommendations directed to the improvement of the educational area. He stressed the issues included in the scope of activity of the Group.

“The Group will study all the issues related to school resources – infrastructure, curriculum, textbooks, classification of the textbooks, modern technologies etc. All the issues will be reflected in the conclusion along with the recommendations aiming at the drastic improvement of the educational area”, - he stated.

As Taliashvili noted, the inquiry was accompanied by meetings in the regions.

The Group members met with the school principals, pedagogues, representatives of the professional associations and international organizations working in the educational sphere and heard about their needs.

“It is a wide-scale inquiry, covering practically all the regions of the country. We met more than 500 people from the target audience. The recommendations concerning the school reform acquire the final form. Today, we had an opportunity to meet the Ministry and discuss the mainstream and the approaches necessary for the improvement of the education in schools”, - she said.

The inquiry is backed by the EU and UNDP