09 December 2022,   19:06
Policy of the US and its allies toward Zelensky is “he is a son of a b*tch, but he is our son of a b*tch: - Lavrov

In his speech at a UN Security Council meeting Russian Foreign Minister attacked the Ukrainian president with a series of dismissive insults while making outlandish claims about who was responsible for the war in Ukraine, writes CNN.

“The policy of the US and its allies toward Zelensky is... "he is a son of a b*tch, but he is our son of a b*tch”, - said Sergey Lavrov.

He also accused Ukrainian President and the “Kyiv regime” of “racist” and “anti-Russian” motivated aggression. Lavrov claimed Volodymyr Zelensky made “Russo-phobic” comments in an August interview and that they motivated people living in Russian occupied areas of Ukraine to hold referendums on the prospect of joining Russia.

“I think the decisions that have been adopted by a whole range of the regions of Ukraine about conducting referendums are the result of his [Zelensky’s] comments”, - Lavrov said.

He also condemned the “cynical” way Western nations are supplying weapons to Ukraine and said the “policy means the direct involvement of the West in the conflict and makes them a party to the conflict”. Lavrov claimed the West was primarily motivated to supplying weapons to Ukraine in order to “drag out the fighting as long as possible in spite of the victims and destruction in order to wear down and weaken Russia”.