06 December 2022,   07:31
Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested 9 people in Tbilisi on the fact of promoting prostitution by the group and providing lodging to prostitution

As a result of complex operational measures and investigative activities conducted in cooperation with the General Prosecutor"s Office, the employees of the main division of the fight against organized crime under the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, arrested 9 members of the criminal group.

The detainees are: G.F. (DoB 1980). K.M. (DoB 1968), M.L. (DoB 1960) A. M. (DoB 1981). L.M. (DoB1978) I.B. (DoB 1968), T.B. (DoB 1978), G.Ch (DoB 2000). and G.M. (DoB 1976). They were arrested on the charges of promoting prostitution and providing a lodging to prostitution.

The committed crime envisions from 4 to 7 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that females engaged in prostitution systematically gathered in the hotels “Sabudara” and “Argo” in Tbilisi, as well as in the bars of the same institutions, under the instructions of the owner - G.S. and the administration employees and offered sexual services to individuals who visited the hotel in exchange for a certain amount of money.

The investigation also established that the administrators of “Argo” and “Sabudara” hotels organized the connection between men seeking sexual services and females engaged in prostitution. For this purpose, they rented hotel rooms hourly, while security guards protected the safety of females engaged in prostitution, and if necessary, they provided transport of the mentioned females and their clients. The members of the criminal group received substantial incomes by promoting prostitution and providing lodging to prostitution.

As a result of the search, law enforcement officers seized a large amount of money as evidence.

The case is being investigated under Article 254 I and III parts of the Criminal Code of Georgia, as well as the subsection “A” of III part of the same article, which refers to the promotion of prostitution by an organized group and providing lodging to prostitution.