05 December 2023,   06:46
Russia seeks to rejoin UN’s human rights council – foreign media

Russia is seeking to rejoin the United Nations human rights council in an election that will be seen as a key test of its international standing, writes BBC.

It was expelled from the UN’s pre-eminent human rights body last April after its forces invaded Ukraine. But now Russian diplomats are seeking to get their country re-elected to the council for a fresh three-year term.

The BBC has obtained a copy of the position paper Russia is circulating to UN members asking for their support. The vote will take place next month.

In the document seen by the BBC, Russia promises to find “adequate solutions for human rights issues” and seeks to stop the council becoming an “instrument which serves political wills of one group of countries”, understood to be a reference to the West.

Diplomats said Russia was hoping to regain some international credibility after being accused of human rights abuses in Ukraine and within its own borders.