27 June 2022,   02:53
Domestic exports increased in April - GeoStat publishes new data

In January-April 2022 the exports of Georgia (excluding non-declared exports) equaled USD 1 587.5 million, 32.8% higher year-on-year. Share of the domestic exports in total export constituted 76.1% and amounted to USD 1 207.6 million, 37.1% higher to the same period of 2021.

In January-April 2022 the share of the top ten trading partners by domestic exports in the total domestic exports of Georgia amounted to 79.7%. The top partners were China (USD 277.2 million), Russia (USD 138.3 million) and Bulgaria (USD 128.8 million).

In January-April 2022 copper ores and concentrates reclaimed the first place in the list of top export items, equaling USD 363.3 million, or 30.1% of total exports. The exports of ferroalloys totaled USD 195.4 million and their share in the total exports amounted to 16.2%. The exports of nitrogenous fertilizers occupied the third place standing at USD 128.3 million and constituting 10.6% of the total exports.