17 January 2022,   03:07
City Council of Zugdidi approves the 2022 budget amid tension

Zugdidi City Council approved the 2022 budget amid tension. The newly elected mayor Mamuka Tsotseria congratulated the population on the approval of the main financial document of the municipality.

In parallel with the approval of the budget, there were several confrontations between the police and the opposition representatives. Two people were detained during the rally.

“The new budget was set at GEL 47 million 200 thousand. Of course, our priorities are defined. These include infrastructure, health and social security, environment, youth, culture, sports and more.

The process was carried out in compliance with all procedures and deadlines provided by the Budget Code and the Local Self-Government Code. As for the destructive opposition, of course, it does not matter to them how much is the budget, what are its main parameters, how are these funds distributed”, - explained Mamuka Tsotseria.