19 October 2021,   21:53
Police seized illegal firearms and ammunition in Lentekhi Municipality and Tbilisi - 3 people detained

As a result of operative and investigative activities carried out on the basis of operative information, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs seized illegal firearms as well as ammunition at various times in Kvemo Svaneti and Tbilisi and detained three people.

Previously convicted Ts.Z. (DoB1974), Kh.Kh. (DoB 1963) and also previously convicted D.T. (DoB 1990), are charged with illegal purchase and keeping of firearms and ammunition.

The committed crime envisages from 3 to 6 years of imprisonment.

The officers of Imereti, Racha - Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Police Department seized a Beretta pistol, a cartridge and six bullets as evidence during a search of Ts.Z.’s house in the village of Tvibi, Lentekhi Municipality. During the search of Kh.Kh.’s house in the village of Mutsdi located in the same municipality, the police seized a hunting rifle, a pistol, knife bayonet, 10 cartridges of various firearms and 530 magazines.

The officers of Isani - Samgori Main Division of Tbilisi Police Department, as a result of search activities held in D.T’s house, held on the basis of the relevant Court decision, seized the following weapons as evidence: AK-74 automatic firearm, 2 cartridges and 36 bullets.

Investigation on illegal purchase and keeping of firearms and ammunition is underway under Article 236, Part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia.