25 March 2023,   05:27
During the maternity leave private sector employees will be paying GEL 2000 instead of GEL 1000

The Government of Georgia will double the support of private sector employees during the maternity leave and will pay GEL 2000 instead of GEL 1000 from January 1. It was announced by the Prime Minister.

Besides, school teachers will be getting full salary during their maternity leaves from 2023 in line with the decision made prior.

“So-called maternity leave was a rather challenging issue. I was asked to address it at the Parliament as well. We discussed the matter and decided to double the support during the maternity leave for the private sector employees as well. From January 1 they will also be getting GEL 2000, instead of GEL 1000. You may remember that we considered an increase for school teachers and they will be getting a full salary while on maternity leave from the coming year. Now the private sector employees will be getting this support in the volume of GEL 2000 instead of GEL 1000, per our decision”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.