02 December 2020,   16:18
We do not think that there is a shortage of beds in Georgia - Ekaterine Tikaradze

We do not think that there is a shortage of beds in Georgia. Such a statement made today the Minister of Health during the briefing in the governmental administration.

“As for the coronavirus centers, at this stage we have 2 992 patients in clinics and a large part of them will be discharged today.

As of today, we have 4 392 beds mobilized. We already take extremely important measures. For example, 4 clinics will be involved in the process in the coming days in the capital, 3 - in the region of Shida Kartli and 3 - in Imereti. Therefore, we do not think we have a shortage of beds. Besides, you know that we also use the hotel space. There is some information that patients see risk in being at hotel. I would like to point out that doctors and nurses are mobilized in the hotel spaces who will continue to monitor and treat patients as it happens in the clinics”, - explained Ekaterine Tikaradze.