29 November 2020,   18:24
Five military servicemen will continue treatment at the Defense Ministry military hospital

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia released a statement on the 5 military servicemen that were transferred from Marneuli to the military hospital.

“The media reported on the transfer of 5 military servicemen from Vaziani to the hospital, which became the subject of various interpretations. With his regard we would like to underline that in the conditions of pandemic Defence Forces take important protective measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, both in army and in the public.

Special teams in the army carry out disinfectant works and regular checkup of the state of health of the military personnel.

It is important that individuals, media or professional groups do not assess this process or any medical preventive measures under way, as a confirmed case of the virus and await the agency"s official statement and clear medical findings.
The premature and unconfirmed dissemination of the information interferes with the normalization of the emotional background in the community regarding the virus and effective operation of agencies.

From now on, only the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and the Military Hospital of the Ministry will disseminate information about the state of health of military servicemen.

All military personnel with signs of the virus or seasonal influenza will be transferred to Gori Military Hospital, where they will receive highly qualified medical care.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization assessed the level of preparation of the Military Hospital and the control of coronavirus infection as of the highest category”, - reads the statement of the Ministry of Defence.