29 September 2023,   21:27
Time will come when children in Ukraine will be protected from Russian evil – Zelensky

The time will come when children on Earth, including in Ukraine, will be protected from such evil as the Russian one. President of Ukraine said this in his traditional evening address to the nation.

“The rescue operation in the city of Pidhorodne in Dnipropetrovsk region, where a Russian missile destroyed houses, has already wrapped up.

Twenty-five people were injured, five of them children. Davyd, 6 years old, is in grave condition, the boy has been hospitalized. Denys, 11 years of age, is also in serious condition, hospitalized. Oleksandr, 15 years old, is also in serious condition. Lisa, 17 years old, is receiving outpatient treatment. Kira, 10 years old, sustained a landmine-explosive injury. She is being treated on an outpatient basis. It hurts to see such reports.

Lisa, a 2-year-old girl, was killed by this Russian missile. Likely an Iskander. My condolences to family and friends...

Russian terror took the lives of hundreds of our children, and since February 24 alone, during the full-scale war, we know with certainty about the deaths of 485 children. This is a number that we can officially confirm, knowing the details for each child.

Unfortunately, the real number is higher. Every time we liberate our land from Russian occupiers, we learn the terrible truth about the occupation – how many people, how many children are buried in the occupied territory, in the graves of this war, this aggression. And how many still remain under the rubble in the Ukrainian cities and villages burned by Russia.

So far, unfortunately, we have no complete information about the hundreds of thousands of children who have been deported to Russia. As of today, thanks to various efforts, it was possible to return 371 children from deportation to Ukraine. Despite the fact that we know for sure about at least 19,505 Ukrainian deported children, this is only a part of all our little Ukrainian men and women who are still in the enemy’s hands. We are yet to return them all”, - said Volodymyr Zelensky.