01 October 2023,   23:04
Government of Georgia to impose temporary import duty on flour to support local producers

The Government of Georgia is imposing a temporary customs duty on import of wheat flour to support increasing the competitiveness of domestic producers and promote their sales on the local market.

As the Minister of Agriculture said, the tax would enter into force on June 10, and noted local production had increased by 60% over the last 2 years in a dynamic that was expected to be maintained.

“Next week, a draft resolution will be submitted to the Government, according to which an additional duty will be imposed on flour imports for a period of five months. Our main task is to maintain prices for bread and at the same time sell the new harvest smoothly”, - explained Otar Shamugia.

“This decision and the initiative would help prevent an increase of the domestic price for bread”, - added Malkhaz Dolidze, the Head of the Georgian Bread Manufacturers Union.