08 June 2023,   01:59
If I am approved as ambassador to Georgia, my work will be focused on 4 priorities - Robin Dunnigan

If I am approved as ambassador to Georgia, my work will be focused on four priorities. Such a statement made Robin Dunnigan, the candidate nominated by Joe Biden for the position of US ambassador to Georgia, at the session of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“If approved, I will focus on four priorities. First, my primary responsibility will be to ensure the safety of the US Embassy team in Tbilisi and all US citizens in Georgia.

Second, I will work with the Georgian Government and the Georgian people to help realize their dream of being firmly integrated into the European Union, NATO and the West. Euro-Atlantic integration will help not only the citizens of Georgia, but I deeply believe that it is also in the national interest of the USA.

We want democratic Georgia, firmly integrated with the West, capable of protecting its own borders and capable of withstanding Russia’s harmful activities. Georgia has made remarkable progress over the past 30 years, but some troubling signs show that there is much more to do.

Third, I will strengthen bilateral investment and trade, including by increasing opportunities for US exports and US companies in Georgia.

The fourth priority will be to protect Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, since Russia still occupies 20% of Georgia’s territory. I will work with Georgian and international partners to ensure that Russia fulfills its obligations, which are listed in the 2008 ceasefire agreement and the UN Charter”, - said Robin Dunnigan.