30 May 2023,   20:40
Russia’s presidency of UN Security Council a bad joke - Dmytro Kuleba

Ukraine’s foreign minister said Russia’s upcoming one-month presidency of the UN Security Council is a “bad joke”.

“Russian UN Security Council presidency on April 1 is a bad joke. Russia has usurped its seat; it’s waging a colonial war; its leader is a war criminal wanted by the ICC for kidnapping children. The world can"t be a safe place with Russia at UNSC”, - tweeted Dmytro Kuleba.

The UN Security Council has 15 members and its presidency is held by each of the members in turn for one month, following the English alphabetical order. Russia will assume the presidency on Saturday, April 1. Under the UN Charter, all members are obligated to comply with the decisions of the Security Council, whose primary responsibility is maintaining international peace and security.