30 May 2023,   22:15
UK claims some 220,000 Russian casualties in war as Ukraine prepares counteroffensive

The U.K.’s top defense official said Russia has seen some 220,000 deaths and injuries since the war began in an estimate that more than doubled figures released less than six months ago.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made the pronouncement while speaking with his Swedish counterpart during a London press event, citing figures provided by a U.S. assessment.

Though the Pentagon has not released a casualty estimate quite this high, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told lawmakers in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday that the U.S. assesses that “the Russians have well over 200,000 casualties”.

“Their offensive aspirations have come essentially to a halt. Their capabilities have been, their ground forces have been absolutely impaled on this Ukrainian bayonet, so to speak. And that is largely due to the resources that the United States and other countries have provided”, - he continued.

Reports surfaced last month suggesting that Russian casualties were estimated to be nearing 200,000 with the number of dead and wounded hovering around 180,000.