02 December 2022,   23:15
Employment prospects for young people and training of qualified personnel for local business discussed at the meeting in Rustavi College Modus

The Mayor of Rustavi, Nino Latsabidze, held a working meeting with the representatives of large enterprises and local businesses operating in the city, together with the members of the Georgian Dream faction of the City Council, at the “Modus” professional college.

The guests of “Modus” got acquainted with the educational process on the spot and visited the workshops in the college, after which the director Nino Kavtaradze gave a detailed presentation about the educational programs.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish mutual cooperation between the local business and the vocational college and to provide students with the prospect of further employment.

Vocational school focused on deficient professions provides a real opportunity for local businesses to acquire qualified personnel, and for students to find employment.

15 programs work in the professional college. Students of the school have the opportunity to master tailoring, cooking, plumbing, plasterboard constructor, hairstylist, gardener, tourist guide and other professions.