21 May 2022,   02:59
Police seize illegal firearms and ammunition in Adjara and Guria regions - 3 persons detained

As a result of operative-investigative activities, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs seized illegal firearms and ammunition in Adjara and Guria regions at different times.

The officers of Khelvachauri District Division of Adjara Police Department and the Customs Department of the Revenue Service under the Ministry of Finance, as a result of joint operative and investigative activities, exposed the fact of illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms and smuggling on the territory of Georgia. Police arrested two persons - V.I. (DoB 1985) and S.I. (DoB1989). During the inspection of the accused persons at the Sarpi customs checkpoint, the law enforcers seized: 3 pistols, 3 magazines and1 cartridge.

The officers of Ozurgeti District Division under Guria Police Department detained previously convicted and currently on probation - Z.Kh. (DoB1988), as a result of operative-investigative activities in Ozurgeti. The detainee is accused of illegal purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition.

During the search of the detainee’s house, the law enforcement officers seized “BLOW MINI MOD 2003” pistol, a magazine and 8 ammunition cartridges as evidence.

The committed crime envisions from 3 to 8 years of imprisonment.

Investigation is underway on the facts of illegal purchase-storage-carrying of firearms and ammunition and smuggling firearms through the state border of Georgia under Article 236, Parts III and IV, as well as Article 214, Part IV of the Criminal Code of Georgia.