26 November 2020,   00:50
Photo and video footage of Badri Esebua was recorded on October 6 and not on October 27 – the MIA

Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to provide the public with correct information regarding photos and video materials of Badri Esebua’s movement spread by media sources.

False information regarding the movement of a person identified by the police as Badri Esebua - the attacker on the “Bank of Georgia” branch in Zugdidi, was deliberately provided to the public by a number of TV channels.

The provided photo and video footage depicted by video surveillance systems located in various facilities was recorded on October 6 and not on October 27 of the recent year. Herewith, the disseminated photo-video material was recorded in other municipality of the Samegrelo region and not in Zugdidi, as reported by the media.

Information alleging that person identified as the attacker – Badri Esebua, moving freely in the streets of Zugdidi and deliberate falsification of the mentioned information is aimed to mislead the public and discredit law enforcement agencies.

Police are actively conducting special operative, investigative and search activities to determine the whereabouts of Badri Esebua, (DoB 1988).