28 November 2021,   21:18
Court releases three persons detained during June 20 protest in Tbilisi

A plea bargain has been signed with three individuals - Zurab Budaghashvili, Kakhaber Kupreishvili and Tsotne Soselia - after they confessed to involvement in group violence during the June 2019 protests in Tbilisi. 

The court found Kupreishvili, Soselia and Budaghashvili guilty and imposed 3 years of conditional sentence on them and imposed GEL 2 000 each.

A plea bargain was also signed with Giorgi Javakhishvili and Tornike Datashvili yesterday in the same case, after confessing to the crime. 

The Tbilisi protests, which were sparked by the presence of Russian MPs in the Parliament on June 20, turned into a violent clash between protesters and police in front of the Parliament building. The dispersal left 240 injured and 305 detained.