24 January 2021,   16:33
Only 3 out of 171 possible coronavirus cases in Georgia have been confirmed - Amiran Gamkrelidze

During today’s press conference the Head of the National Disease Control Centre Amiran Gamkrelidze said that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus still stands at three and the condition of the infected are satisfactory as they “have a mild form of the virus”.

“As of now we have 97 people under quarantine. We have tested 171 individuals so far for the new coronavirus, with only three of them testing positive.

All the three individuals returned to Georgia already infected, with the country having no case of someone becoming infected from inside the country. 

People from Iran and China are nearly unable to enter Georgia (as flights are banned and restrictions are imposed on road travel), while Georgians are still returning from Italy which also faces an outbreak of the virus. 

I want to urge people returning from Italy to their homeland to show high civil responsibility and do not take pills to reduce temperatures or avoid other mandatory procedures”, - said Gamkrelidze.

Gamkrelidze stated that the new coronavirus Covid 19 has already spread in 65 countries, with more than 90 000 infected, and more than 40 000 recovered.