02 August 2021,   22:51
Paul Pogba removes Heineken beer bottle at Euro 2020 press - conference

Paul Pogba has removed a bottle of Heineken placed in font of him at a Euros press conference - a day after Cristiano Ronaldo did the same with bottles of Coke, writes The Daily Mail.

The Frenchman hid the sponsor’s beer bottle underneath a table as he spoke to the media after his country’s 1-0 win over Germany on Tuesday night.

While 28-year-old Pogba offered no explanation for removing the bottle, it is likely because his religion [he is Muslim] considers alcohol “haram” - or “forbidden”. He left a bottle of water and two bottle of Coke on the table untouched.

However, the Heineken does appear to be a 0% alcohol-free beer.

The stunt echoes Ronaldo’s move a day earlier when he removed two bottles of Coca-Cola from a Euros press conference, telling fans to "drink water" instead.