01 August 2021,   15:24
Police will leave if activists won’t disrupt the company - Natia Turnava

The Minister of Economy at today’s briefing did not specify whether police would leave the Rioni Gorge by Friday, and said that the activists needed to make a public promise not to obstruct the construction of the HPP by ENKA.

“A meeting held on June 12, attended by activists from the Rioni Valley, the Ministries of Economy and Environment and EU officials [as mediators] made it clear that the only task of the police presence in the gorge was to avoid conflict.

Therefore, as soon as we have a public promise from the activists that they will continue their protest peacefully, will not interfere with the company’s activities, will not put pressure on the employees there, will not damage the company’s assets (because there is a warehouse containing a lot of materials, including flammable ones), then, of course, this issue will be resolved instantly. But it should be said and promised publicly”, - said Natia Turnava.