25 February 2021,   12:05
The Prosecutors’s office charged G.M. for the fact of taking hostages in Kaspi and appealed to the court with a motion to his imprisonment

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia charged G.M. for the fact of taking two persons as a hostage with the threat of use of violence that is dangerous for life and health and appealed to the Gori District Court with the motion to his imprisonment as a measure of restraint.

The investigation conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed that on January 16, 2021, in the municipality of Kaspi for the purpose of fulfillment of various requirements from the authorities, G.M. armed with a firearm, took as the hostages T.L. and S.F. with the threat of kill, illegally deprived their liberty and with threatening he required specific actions to be taken.

Law enforcement officers arrested G.M. on January 16. He was charged under the subparagraph “G” and “I” of the 2nd part of Article 144 (taking as the hostage, committed against two persons with the threat of using the violence that is dangerous for life and health), which provides imprisonment from 9 to 14 years as a measure of restraint.

Numerous investigative and procedural actions were made for this case. Also, based on the defendant’s behavior, the psychiatric examination was appointed for the purpose to identify if G.M. could be fully aware of his actions at the time of committing crime.

The investigation of the criminal case continues.