18 January 2021,   09:09
Journalist Giorgi Gabunia will receive a victim status

The State Security Service of Georgia had filed additional charges against Magomed Gutsiev, a Russian citizen arrested in June over his alleged involvement in a murder plot against journalist Giorgi Gabunia.

“Gutsiev was additionally charged with stalking, unlawful obtaining, storage, use, dissemination of or otherwise making available personal information or data about Gabunia, illegal crossing of Georgian state border, and making, sale or use of a forged document. Earlier charges against Gutsiev include purchase and use of counterfeit documents.

Gutsiev had repeatedly crossed the Georgian state border illegally with a falsified passport under an alias of Vasambek Bokov, carrying out systematic surveillance over Giorgi Gabunia and obtaining information about him”, - reads the statement.

Besides, Giorgi Gabunia will receive a victim status as investigations are still underway.