26 November 2020,   08:11
The Ministry of Education issues rules for the safe conduct of Unified National Exams

The Ministry of Education of Georgia issues rules for the safe conduct of the Unified National Exams, Joint Master’s Examinations and Student Grant Competition.

According to the agency, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, each desk will be equipped with a transparent protective shield.

During natural ventilation (open window) it is allowed to turn on the air conditioners but in this case, it is obligatory to put on a face mask.

The space between the tables will be at least two meters. Under these conditions, entrants are allowed to remove a face mask while sitting at the desk.

As recommended by the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Desease Control and Public health, the entrant must wear a face mask in those following cases:

If an entrant has a body temperature (37.0 C or above), or any other respiratory symptoms;
Before taking sit at the desk;
When leaving the examination sector;
When communicating with other people;
When air conditioning is on