05 December 2023,   05:27
Trump attacks the judge in his fraud trial

Donald Trump accused the judge in his USD 250 million fraud trial of “getting away with murder” while standing directly outside his courtroom door, writes The Business Insider.

The former president appeared in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, where Attorney General Letitia James is has sued him over fraud related to misrepresenting his wealth and assets. During a court lunch break, Trump made a dramatic speech outside the courtroom door, in which he called the judge overseeing the civil case, Arthur Engoron, a “democrat operative” and “a disgrace to people that call themselves judges”.

Last month, Engoron found that Trump did in fact commit much of the fraud that James accused him of, but the trial is needed to determine penalties.

“I hope my lawyers go in and I hope they fight him very hard, cause this guy’s getting away with murder. He’s interfering with an election and it’s a disgrace”, - Trump said of Engoron.

As it stands, a judge has already found Trump’s financial statements from between 2014 to 2021 to be faulty, and the trial will also aim to determine the intent behind the submission of the documents. The trial is expected to last between two to three months.