27 January 2021,   08:06
Fact of armed robbery in Guria solved by police-one person detained

Police detained Sh.O. (date of birth - 1987) for armed robbery committed in group. The committed crime envisages from 6 to 12 years of imprisonment.

Investigation established that on March 1, Sh. O. along with his accomplices assaulted the family residing in the village of Meria, Ozurgeti municipality and demanded cash from G.P. (1939) and I.G. (1940). Due to the resistance the offenders physically abused the old couple, appropriated 2 000 GEL and fled from the place of crime.

The victims were transferred the hospital and rendered medical aid. Their lives are no longer in danger.

As a result of operative-search and investigative activities law enforcers managed to detain one of the offenders- Sh. O. several days after the crime, based on the respective decision of the court.

In order to identify and locate others involved in the crime, intensive operative activates are underway.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of armed robbery committed in group, article 179, II part, sub-paragraph “B” and part III, sub-paragraph “B” of the Criminal Code.