20 June 2021,   04:06
Artificial intelligence - Georgian startup Pulsar AI recently acquired by American SpinCar

A Georgian startup Pulsar AI was acquired by American SpinCar, a global leader in digital automotive merchandising software.

Pulsar AI’s success clearly demonstrates that local Georgian startups are quite competitive in the international market, also pointing out that Pulsar AI’s precedent is an enormous inspiration and motivation for everyone engaged in this field.

Pulsar LLC is a grant beneficiary of the Innovation and Technology Agency at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. In 2017-2018, they were awarded a GEL 5,000 grant for developing prototypes and participation in international events to showcase their prototypes to prospective investors. In 2018, the startup won an additional GEL 100,000 in the agency’s grant program, followed by a victory in the agency’s GEL 650,000 grant program in 2020. In 2019-2020, Pulsar attracted USD 1.2 million in investment from Silicon Valley. Ultimately, the Georgian startup sold for tens of millions of dollars.

Pulsar AI uses artificial intelligence to facilitate communication between customers and car dealers. The company seeks to create a technology enabling dealers to serve prospective clients fast and effectively, via mail, texting, or webchat.