25 October 2020,   12:59
Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are undergoing training to ensure safe, free, fair and peaceful environment for the elections

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched online training for the employees of the Agency’s structural units, territorial bodies and other police subdivisions to ensure safe, free, fair and peaceful environment for the parliamentary elections of 2020.

The online course is implemented through e-learning platform of the Academy, involving more than 4000 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Purpose of the training is to further enhance qualification and awareness of the law enforcement officers, to ensure effective fulfillment of the official duties during election process, timely identification of threats and risks, respective evaluation, implementation of preventive measures and relevant response to the violation.

Training participants will tackle the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the attached instructions, according to which, special groups will be established in the regions of Georgia within the operation area of each police department, responsible for prevention and response to violations.

In addition to the mentioned, the police officer is obliged to strictly adhere to the principle of political neutrality. Training participants will also be provided with recommendations on infection (COVID-19) caused by the New Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2).