20 October 2020,   11:11
The Georgian Emigration Museum opened at the National Library

The Georgian Emigration Museum opened at the National Library. It was founded in 1994 by Professor Guram Sharadze at Tbilisi State University.

The museum preserves valuable archives of Georgian political emigrants, complete collections of periodicals, unique books and other important materials. The opening of the Museum of Georgian Emigration was attended by the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia.

“Today, this hall is full with the merit and will of our ancestors related to returning of Georgia to Europe – returning to Europe, EU integration – these are the intact choice of our people and the Government keeps consistent realization of the key priorities of our society and the country”, - said Archil Talakvadze.

In his speech, the Speaker dwelt on the special merit of the Georgian Immigration in the process of the way back of Georgia to Europe and noted that EU integration of Georgia would today be impossible without these people, the merit of which is accumulated in this museum.

“Without these people, the books, ideas and biographies of which are accumulated in this space, Georgia would not be the high priority country for Europe today, Europe would not be represented in Georgia at this extent, and Georgia would not be represented in Europe as well. Georgia has not only ambassadors to Europe serving their diplomatic service for the country, but Georgia has its culture envoys to Europe, history envoys, immigrants, the merit of which is immense in the progress achieved and every hard time when the immigrants were committing impossible deeds for own country and people”, - concluded the Chairman of the Parliament.