05 December 2020,   10:02
The first working meeting held on the study of COVID-19 management and impact of the pandemic

The Government Administration of Georgia held the first working meeting on the Study of COVID-19 Management and Impact of the Pandemic with an engagement of international partners and experts.

Natia Mezvrishvili, Head of the Government Administration reiterated the significance of the study for the Government of Georgia at the working meeting and expressed gratitude to international partners for their active engagement.

Study covered such important topics as crisis management, analysis of the legal framework under the pandemic and human rights. Study is aimed at the identification of challenges witnessed during the pandemic to make sure that the country responds to the potentially repeated wave of the pandemic and similar disasters more effectively.

Following will be analyzed within the scope of the referred independent study: what impact has been made by the crisis in social and legal terms; what has been its impact on human rights; what is the degree of resistance and sustainability demonstrated by public institutions.

Actions taken by the Government of Georgia in the State of Emergency and within the process of crisis management will be judged, along with the existing challenges and impact of COVID-19 on the vulnerable groups. Recommendations are also being developed within the scope of the Study for a repeated wave of the crisis and better preparedness of public institutions. Study, which will be carried out by experts commissioned by international partners, will be completed by the end of 2020.

Study, which also ensures the crisis management during COVID-19, along with an assessment of the legal system and system for the protection of human rights will be jointly implemented by 8 agencies from within the UN system and USAID.