26 January 2021,   10:01
Special regime in Samegrelo - the restrictions imposed under the state of emergency has been tightened

Enforcement of the restrictions imposed under the state of emergency in Samegrelo region has been tightened. Specifically, public transportation is being restricted in Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti Region. This is the sole addition to the restrictions that are already in place under the state of emergency.

Additional checkpoints set up at the entrances to the region, which means an increased police presence, that is, police units will strictly control vehicular traffic. Controlling vehicular traffic means ensuring that transportation takes place with appropriate social distancing - the presence of no more than three people in a single automobile: a driver, and two passengers who have to sit in the rear.

At the same time, police is patrolling throughout the entire region to ensure compliance with this rule.

Furthermore, additional police forces will be mobilized to strictly control the implementation of all the restrictions that are in place under the state of emergency, including ones concerning the operation of various facilities, public gatherings, and so forth.