20 January 2021,   01:07
Georgia is a success story of how to fight the coronavirus - Mariam Kvrivishvili to CNN

Georgia is a success story of how to fight the coronavirus, said the Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili in the interview with CNN.

"Georgia has shown everyone a successful example of how to fight the pandemic, it must be a proof, a guarantee for all travelers and our citizens. We will still be very vigilant to protect everyone equally.

Tourism is an important part of the Georgian economy. Only in 2019, with our own population 3,7 million, we were able to host more than 9 million international travelers.

Georgia aims to remain safe and of course, we will do everything with our power to remain safe today and tomorrow and that includes the decision on opening up gradually and carefully and reopening the border with those countries where the epidemiological situation is under control.

Of course, we hope farther expand of the list of those countries as situation worldwide stabilizes.

The local government has implemented actively safety regulations and public health protocols. We have been quite successful to increase testing capacity for everyone who needs it. Our international airports are fully equipped with international standards. Our private sector is fully prepared to greet international travelers”, - concluded Kvrivishvili.