25 March 2023,   02:52
"We acknowledge that this was a very serious failure" - Kvrikashvili speaks about Afghan Mukhtarli"s case

A Prime Minister has been asked about the case of the Azeri journalist Afghan Mukhtarli at the meeting with the parliamentary minority. Elene Khoshtaria, member of "European Georgia" delivered greetings from Afghan Mukhtarly to Giorgi Kvirikashvili and read the testimony where the journalist describes how he was kidnapped from Georgia.

According to the Prime Minister-Minister"s assessment, this is a very serious failure and this should not have happened.

"This issue is investigated as you know and I agree that this is a very difficult issue and we also acknowledge that it was a very serious failure. No matter what has happened, however, the truth has not been finalized yet. But the fact is that it is a very big failure. I believe that the reaction of our government, to dismiss a head of the Counterintelligence Service and a head of the Border Police was absolutely adequate. Their guilt is not confirmed yet but they have taken political responsibility for this case, "Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.