01 October 2023,   23:37
It seems that Marina Kaljurand is talking about another country and I think she is completely out of touch with reality - Kaladze

It really seems that she is talking about another country, and I think he is completely out of touch with reality. This is how the Mayor of Tbilisi responded to the statements made by European Parliamentarian Marina Kaljurand at the 12th session of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee (PAC) in Brussels.

“Unfortunately, there are often cases when we hear insulting statements about our country. Do not think that these are statements made against the Government of Georgia, these are statements made against this country, and unfortunately, it should be noted that our country, the European future, and European integration have enemies both inside and outside the country.

First, what does it mean - done superficially. We said that all 12 recommendations will be implemented by June, the process is ongoing. Let’s take any parameters, I’m not talking about Ukraine, I understand how much trouble is going on and what’s happening in Ukraine, but when this particular person comes out and talks about Georgia being behind Moldova, this person, to put it mildly, should be mocked.

Let’s take any parameter, these parameters are not published by me, they are published by international organizations, and make comparisons in absolutely all directions, you will see how our country is ahead in all directions and in all respects.

When the wrong decision was made, when we were not granted status, we also know very well why it was done, they wanted to use it politically against the government in the country, but I want to convince these people and repeat once again that they did nothing to from this point of view, to make a confrontation, to make some revolutions.

The current government in Georgia has a lot of support, and we are the government that carries the interest of this country”, - said Kakha Kaladze.

Marina Kaljurand said today that the “Western partners are tired of the statements of the members of the ruling party, that they are trying to drag Georgia into the war and open the so-called second front”.