27 September 2023,   08:32
Prime Minister visits ongoing worksites under Renewed Regions Program in Kutaisi

Georgian Prime Minister visited ongoing worksites under the Renewed Regions Program in Kutaisi.

The Head of Government visited Paliashvili Street where he familiarized himself with implemented work and had a conversation with the local population.

So far, 15 buildings have been rehabilitated on Paliashvili Street, and over 9 million GEL has been spent to this end.

Presently, the rehabilitation of Central Park and its adjacent buildings is underway, with the work’s value making up 14.8 million GEL.

In addition, Golden Marquee, a monument of cultural heritage, is under rehabilitation.

On his visit to the site, the Prime Minister was accompanied by Head of the Government Administration’s Regional Liaison Department Leri Barnabishvili, and representatives of executive, legislative, and local authorities.