01 October 2023,   21:49
We are working on 12 priorities, Ukraine and Moldova enjoy the status of candidate, Georgia was not given the status, we are happy for the success of Ukraine, Moldova - Prime Minister

Georgian Prime Minister told a panel at the Bratislava Global Security Forum the European Union not granting Georgia its membership candidate status by the end of this year would be a “big political mistake”.

In his remarks, Irakli Garibashvii said Georgia was “2 – 3 times ahead” of Ukraine and Moldova in criteria related to EU integration.

“The two countries were granted full membership candidate status by the European Council in 2022, while Georgia only received a European perspective.

The bloc’s 2022 decision was unfair and ungrounded. The EU officials said Ukraine and Moldova were in special circumstances at the time of the decision due to Russia’s invasion. But Georgia had been the first to face Russian invasion in 2008”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.

He also told the panel moderator to address EU leadership with the question on the bloc’s refusal to grant the status to the country while Georgia had also faced a war with Russia, had its territories occupied, and was a “leader in the trio” for its democratic development, while also saying he was “happy” for the success of Ukraine and Moldova in obtaining the status.