27 September 2023,   09:20
Opposition is not participating in the processes, although we were told about 12 recommendations that we should do everything together - Kakha Kaladze

All conditions set by the European Union for granting Georgia the membership candidate status later this year would be implemented soon. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“Country’s authorities would fulfil the conditions related to reforms in various fields and implementation of domestic legislation, despite a part of the domestic opposition refusing to participate in the process. Their behavior is a sabotage, an act against the country.

Although we deserved the EU membership candidate status in 2022, and were ahead of the countries [Ukraine and Moldova] that were granted the status, we will definitely implement the 12-point [agenda]. By the end of June, everything will be implemented, and then it will depend on our friends what decision they make.

I declare with full responsibility that all 12 recommendations will be implemented very soon, despite the fact that the opposition does not participate in the mentioned processes.

We were told by the Western partners we had to do it all together. They didn’t just tell the Government to do it. When we get the status, or specific steps are taken in the direction of European integration, and we are successful, it is everyone’s success”, - said Kakha Kaladze.