08 June 2023,   02:17
Georgian Parliamentary Delegation met with the Chairman of the Senate of Ireland

As part of the official visit, the Georgian Parliamentary Delegation, headed by the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Nikoloz Samkharadze, met with the Chairman of the Senate of Ireland, Jerry Buttimer.

During their discussions, the parties placed a particular emphasis on Georgia"s integration into the European Union and the significance of conferring candidate status upon the country. It was noted that Georgia, as the leading country of the associated trio, has made substantial progress in implementing reforms and aligning with EU legislation.

Nikoloz Samkharadze provided his Irish counterpart with comprehensive information on Georgia"s compliance with 12 recommendations of the European Union and the eagerly awaited decision of the European Commission in 2023. The two officials also delved into the current situation in the Russian-occupied territories and the ongoing geopolitical developments in the region.

As part of the official visit to the Republic of Ireland, the Georgian Parliamentary delegation held meetings with various Irish Parliamentary committees and members of the Friendship Group with Georgia. Discussions revolved around Georgia"s integration into the European Union, reform agendas, potential avenues for strengthening parliamentary ties and sectoral cooperation, and the security situation in the region.

“During the recent discussions with Irish legislators, we engaged in an interesting dialogue regarding Georgia"s aspiration to join the EU, highlighting the remarkable strides that the country has made in recent years. Against the backdrop of ongoing geopolitical transformations, our Irish colleagues recognized the profound geopolitical significance of Georgia and expressed their willingness to provide assistance in all necessary domains. I am confident that this supportive stance will persist, and I anticipate that Ireland will lend its support to the granting of candidate country status to Georgia at the conclusion of the year”, - said Nikoloz Samkharadze.