06 December 2022,   07:06
Non-governmental organizations criticize the judicial reform strategy developed by Georgian Dream

The judicial reform strategy and action plan developed by the ruling team ignores the most acute problems in the system, said the representative of the Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary.

“One of the 12 recommendations of the European Commission refers to the systemic reform of justice. For this purpose, a working group was created within the framework of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament, which was supposed to work on solving the challenges in the court and, for this purpose, develop a reform strategy and action plan.

According to the Coalition, the court reform strategy and action plan should respond to the challenges in the justice system and aim to solve the problems in legislation and practice. For this purpose, civil organizations repeatedly called the Parliament, including within the framework of the working group, for a complete and in-depth assessment of the current situation in the judicial system. However, neither the working group nor the parliamentary majority considered this initiative.

As a result: the new court reform strategy is written in such a way that there is still no unified picture of the challenges in the court. Therefore, the goals of the developed strategy and action plan are unclear; The vision given in the document completely ignores the main problems in the justice system: concentration of power and informal, clan influences in the system; The document selectively and fragmentarily proposes the issues to be addressed by the reform”, - said the representatives of the Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Justice.